10 Best Coffee Shops in Savannah, Georgia, for a Caffeine Fix

If you ask us, there's nothing better than grabbing a warm cup of coffee from a local Savannah coffee shop to sip on while exploring Savannah's Historic District. Cozy coffee shops in Savannah, Georgia, are the perfect spot to start the day with pastries and coffee, stop for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or wind down after a day of exploring with a quick bite and a coffee-inspired cocktail. 

Best Savannah Coffee Shops

Whether you prefer hot lattes or iced drinks, we've listed some of our favorite local coffee shops in Savannah below, where you can enjoy a delicious coffee beverage.

1. Gallery Espresso

A person is preparing pour-over coffee, pouring hot water from a metal kettle into a coffee filter set over a glass carafe. The carafe is placed on a wooden counter, with a timer and a jar of coffee beans visible in the background.

Gallery Espresso is a cozy café and local coffee shop in Savannah's Historic District on Bull Street across from Chippewa Square. It is unique because it is the oldest Savannah coffee shop — this local establishment has been open since 1993.

At Gallery Espresso, you can order drip coffee and espresso drinks, like mochas, cappuccinos, Turkish coffee, and iced Thai coffee. This coffee shop is also one of the best tea rooms in Savannah, with 100+ loose-leaf teas to choose from that can be served to-go or in a teapot for two inside the shop. If you're hungry, Gallery Espresso also serves pastries, fresh salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

2. The Paris Market and Brocante

The Paris Market and Brocante is a Parisian-inspired retailer on Broughton Street in Downtown Savannah. Though the Paris Market is one of the best places for shopping in Savannah, GA, the small café inside makes this charming market one of the best places to enjoy a cup of coffee, as well!

The Paris Market is inspired by the store owner's favorite café in the Sixth Arrondissement in Paris, with charming outdoor tables and elegant decor. You can order drip coffee, espresso, and tea or try a signature drink, like the White Forest Mocha or Nutella Latte. The Paris Market also serves other beverages and food, like champagne, wine, cocktails, light bites, baked goods, sandwiches, quiches, desserts, and ice cream. Try a macaron (or two... or three...) while you're here!

3. Savannah Coffee Roasters

A close-up view of an espresso machine dispensing freshly brewed coffee into a black ceramic cup with a ribbed texture. The cup showcases a beautifully crafted latte art design on the surface of the coffee, with a creamy heart pattern at the center.

Savannah Coffee Roasters has been roasting coffee beans in Savannah, GA, since 1909. However, the laid-back café on Liberty Street has been open to locals and visitors alike since 2011, and since then, it has become one of the best coffee shops in Savannah for its friendly staff and top-notch coffee.

Savannah Coffee Roasters offers a small menu of excellent coffee options, like lattes, americanos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and flat whites, as well as specialty drinks, like the Honey Cinnamon Oat Latte and Lavender Oat Milk Latte. Aside from locally roasted coffee, Savannah Coffee Roasters serves non-coffee drinks, like matcha, chai, and hot chocolate, and unlike many coffee shops in Savannah, a full menu for breakfast and lunch. Try the Smashed Avocado Toast, Lox & Bagel, or Caprese B.L.T.

4. Foxy Loxy Café

Are you craving tacos with your coffee? If so, you will love Foxy Loxy Cafe on Bull Street in Savannah's Historic District. This coffee shop is equal parts coffee shop and cantina, so while you can order traditional espresso drinks, like lattes and mochas, you can enjoy them with a Chipotle Chicken Taco, Beef & Chorizo Taco, or chips and guacamole, queso, or corn salsa.

The stars of the show at Foxy Loxy Cafe are its signature drinks, like the Mexican Mocha and Horchata Latte. If you're looking for an excellent deal, stop by during happy hour from 6 PM to 9 PM on Fridays for $2 lattes. This coffee shop also features local artwork in the gallery and hosts live musicians on select evenings. There is always something fun to partake in at Foxy Loxy!

5. The Coffee Fox

A hand is holding a ribbed, cardboard takeaway coffee cup with a white lid, extended towards the camera. The background is softly blurred, featuring the interior of a coffee shop with shelving displaying various items and a barista working in the distance.

The Coffee Fox, located on Broughton Street, is a sister store to Foxy Loxy Cafe. Unlike Foxy Loxy's laid-back and leisurely environment, The Coffee Fox is more of a traditional, grab-and-go coffee counter, so it's a great place to stop on a busy day or while exploring the shops on Broughton Street.

As a local coffee roaster, The Coffee Fox prides itself on high-quality espresso beverages. Try signature drinks like the Cafe Con Leche, Espresso Tonic, or even the Eye Opener — Guinness Draught with espresso — if you're feeling adventurous. The Coffee Fox also offers non-coffee drinks, like chai tea and horchata, and a small food menu with baked goods and cheese boards.

6. Collins Quarter

Collins Quarter is widely considered one of the best brunch spots in Savannah. The local chain has two locations — one in Forsyth Park and another in Downtown Savannah on Bull Street. However, the location in Forsyth Park has a to-go window, where you can walk up and order delicious coffee drinks to enjoy walking around the park or charming squares in Savannah.

At Collins Quarter, you have to try the delicious Madagascar Vanilla Latte. Other unique and popular options from the signature coffee menu include the Spiced Lavender Mocha, Thai Iced Coffee, and Sweet Taro Latte.

7. The Sentient Bean

An aerial view of a cozy breakfast scene on a rustic wooden table, featuring a cappuccino with a heart-shaped latte art design on top. Beside the coffee is a newspaper with the headline "City," indicating a leisurely read. To the left, there's a round wooden plate with a scone, a dollop of clotted cream, a pat of butter, and a small bowl of jam, all ready to be enjoyed. A spoonful of brown sugar is also visible in a white spoon.

The Sentient Bean, located right on the south end of Forsyth Park, is a cozy, welcoming coffee shop in Savannah that serves fair-trade coffee and thoughtfully sourced vegetarian food.

In addition to traditional espresso drinks, like macchiatos, lattes, and cappuccinos, The Sentient Bean offers non-coffee beverages, like smoothies, teas, lemonade, and more. And even if you're not vegetarian, you'll still love the delicious options on the menu, like the breakfast tacos and burritos or the sandwiches, wraps, soups, or salads for lunch or dinner.

8. Mirabelle Savannah

Mirabelle Savannah is a quaint cafe just across the street from the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, one of Savannah's most notable landmarks. It's the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and breakfast. Though Mirabelle Savannah is known for its liege-style waffles with delicious flavors, like Peach Cobbler and Lemon Zinger, they also serve paninis.

At Mirabelle Savannah, choose from traditional coffee beverages or specialty drinks, like Coffee Julep, an espresso tonic with basil-mint syrup, or Unicorn's Mane, a latte with cardamom syrup and rose water. In addition to coffee, Mirabelle Savannah serves other things to drink, like chai, matcha, lemonades, and teas. Enjoy the seating outside for spectacular views of the cathedral!

9. Franklin's

A top-down image of a delicate latte art on the surface of a cappuccino in a white cup set against a gray textured background. The coffee art resembles a leafy branch, embellished with scattered lavender petals. Beside the cup, a bundle of dried lavender adds a touch of rustic charm.

Franklin's is one of the city's most charming coffee shops and brunch spots. It is located between Madison Square and Chippewa Square at the intersection of Liberty Street and Bull Street. In addition to hot and cold coffees, like cold brew, lattes, and cappuccinos, they offer specialty coffee drinks, like the Lavender Latte and Lemon Bar Latte. For later in the evening, the coffee cocktails, like Franklin's Irish Creme, Caramel Apple, and Spiked Chai, are not to be missed!

This French-style cafe also offers a brunch menu with items like a Croque Madame, French Dip, Croissant Sandwich, and Lox & Avocado Bagel. The coffee counter also offers several pastries, such as muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls, and more.

10. 912 Brew Coffee & Tea House

912 Brew Coffee & Tea House is a locally-owned coffee shop in Downtown Savannah. This coffee shop offers traditional coffees, like cold brews and lattes, and hand-crafted signature drinks, like the Grey Ghost, Horchata Latte, and Southern Charm Chai. This coffee shop and tea house also offers non-coffee drinks, like milk steamers and hot teas.

912 Brew Coffee & Tea House offers fresh-baked pastries from local bakeries, including croissants, cinnamon buns, muffins, bagels, and quiches. This pet-friendly establishment has a gift shop, beautiful outdoor garden space, and free Wi-Fi.

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