South Key's Terms & Conditions

South Key Management Company Operating Hours and Emergencies

We are open 7 days a week, Mon-Fri 9a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sat-Sun 10a.m.-7p.m. We have families just like our guests and enjoy spending quality time with our family and friends. We understand that you are on vacation, should you need something (non-emergency related) please feel free to call us during our normal operating hours. Emergencies are things like no heat, no air-conditioning, no hot water, no electricity, house is on fire, house is flooding, there are many examples, please use your best judgment.

Non-emergencies are things such as Internet is not working (see above policy), a TV does not work, remote controls, DVD players, washing machine stopped working, dishwashers aren’t working, light bulbs went out. Please use your best judgment, you will know an emergency when you see one, and please respect our office hours so we may better serve you. Should you have an emergency after hours call 912-800-1321 and you will find our emergency number on the outgoing voicemail greeting.

Attention guests traveling from abroad:  If you are traveling from outside the United States, please make sure that you have means to make phone calls within the United States.  For problems and issues concerning the property please CALL, DO NOT EMAIL so that issues may be addressed in a timely manner.

PET POLICIES (Allowed in Pet Friendly Units Only): At this time, we can only welcome your dog companions and ask that you find other arrangements for cats, birds, and other furry friends. There is a maximum of two pets allowed in each unit, and a pet weight limit of 50 pounds unless otherwise approved by South Key Management. There will be a one-time $75 fee for one pet or $100 for 2.  Guest pets must be treated for fleas and ticks prior to arrival. Guests must pick up after pets and tightly tie the remnants in a plastic bag if staying in a Pet Friendly Unit. Pets are not allowed on the furniture and all pet hair must be cleaned up prior to departure. A $150 fee will be charged if there is any report of pet hair on bedding and sofas. The violation of any terms of this pet policy subjects the guest to additional fines or termination of the rental period. Guest pet policies and unit availability are subject to change per county and association rules and regulations at any time.

Complimentary Wi-Fi and Cable Television
Guest understands that South Key Management Co. accepts no responsibility for the dependability of Comcast/Xfinity, Dish Network, AT&T, DirectTV, or any other service provider’s service. We do our best to keep all routers and cable working properly. We guarantee that the service is paid for and that is all. Should Internet go down at any home we will attempt to fix the problem by scheduling an appointment with the respected vendor.  Due to the nature of these calls it may take a couple of days to get the situation resolved as we are subject to their scheduling.

When Things Break
South Key Management Co. prides itself on maintaining our homes to the very best of our abilities. We understand that you are on vacation and expect to have a great time but it is important you also have reasonable expectations. You have rented a home and just like any home things will break and problems can occur. We find that the more we disclose to our customers the less likely they are to be dissatisfied with the level of service we can provide on short notice.

South Key Management Co. does everything in our power to make these homes as pristine as we can but sometimes things go wrong and there is no immediate solution, for example parts may need to be ordered and maintenance may need to be scheduled. Unlike a hotel room, which is usually simplistic in design, so that problems rarely arise, a vacation rental home is very complicated and has a lot more features and amenities at a reduced price.

Compensation will not be given for any of the listed items or any other items at the property that malfunction which are out of our control: Clogged sinks and bathtubs, light bulbs, refrigerators, toasters, washer/dryers, televisions, Internet routers, DVD players, grills, ovens, microwaves, pool filters, blenders, dishwashers, wine fridges, griddles, stereos or stereo equipment, hair dryers, straighteners, remote controls, DVRs, fireplaces, ceiling fans, and coffee pots.

We will attempt to replace, fix, or schedule maintenance to repair these items as soon as possible. Some items may take longer than others. It is important to fix things when they break, our homeowners are billed for the time it takes to repair items on the property, therefore if maintenance is turned away for any reason the Guest will be held responsible and billed for this time.

Care of Our Homes
Guest shall leave South Key Management Co. property, premises, and furnishings in clean and undamaged condition. Guest understands South Key Management Co. Rentals reserves the right, and Guest authorizes South Key Management Co. to charge Guest for any necessary repairs, or for any unusual degree of cleaning which may be necessary. Guest shall not bring, keep, or have either inside or outside the premises of South Key Management Co. property any article or thing of a hazardous nature, including fireworks, explosives, flammable items, firearms, gasoline, or any other item which either might be or could be hazardous or considered hazardous by any insurance company.

Guest acknowledges and agrees no refunds will be made for the failure of any of the property equipment, televisions, or appliances, heating or air conditioning, and Internet. In the event of any such failure or difficulty with any appliances Guest is requested to contact South Key Management Co. and every effort will be made to make prompt repairs. South Key Management Co. bills out at $75/hr to facilitate any necessary repairs (1hr Min)

I, the Guest, understand and am more than happy to pay a $500 excessive mess cleaning fee if I leave the property in a disorderly fashion. When leaving the property, it should be just as I found it minus dirty linens and trash which needs to be taken out. South Key Management Co. does not intend, nor do we want to charge this fee to anyone, but with Savannah being a wedding destination, we have problems time to time with large groups or wedding groups and will not tolerate abuse of our lovely homes. No Parties!

Heating and Air Units
South Key Management Co. takes the heating and air conditioning of a house seriously and we do consider this an emergency, please call us 24/7 the moment you suspect there is a problem. Do not email South Key on this matter, please call. South Key puts the heating and air of a property at the top of its priorities. Be aware it can take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours to repair a unit, and in rare situations parts may need to be ordered, which would result in the guest being moved to another property.

After-Hours Emergencies, Changes to Reservation, Lost and Found Items, & Payment Methods
Any approved changes to your reservation will result in a $25 charge. South Key Management Co. does not accept responsibility for any item(s) left behind by guests. Any request to have left items shipped back, will be shipped back at the cost of $25 to cover labor and expenses, plus the cost of shipping the lost item(s).

South Key Management Co. requires the guest to use one payment method for both deposit and remaining balance. If you pay the deposit with credit card, the remaining balance must be paid by the same credit card. The name on the card must match the signor of the rental agreement.For after-hour emergencies, call 912-800-1321. Please only call this number if the issue involves danger to your health or safety, harm to the premises, or air conditioning.

Note that non-emergency after hour calls to this number will result in a $100 charge.
Fraudulent Listings
South Key Management Co. does not advertise our homes on Craigslist, and will not be held responsible for funds lost due to reservations made through fraudulent listings created with stolen photos of our properties.

Maximum Occupancy, Parties and Gatherings, & Events

Guest understands and agrees the maximum number of occupancy as stated on their Confirmation Letter must not be exceeded and in the event the maximum occupancy is exceeded, South Key Management Co. and the Fire Marshall will evict immediately without notice any number of guests in excess of the maximum occupancy number or the entire party with no refunding of rental fee. This rule and requirement is made a part of this agreement for insurance regulation requirements, fire code and city ordinance requirements, and most importantly for the safety of Guests. South Key Management Co. has the right to inspect the property during your stay to guarantee this stipulation has not been violated.

Guest understands no gatherings or events of any kind shall be held at any South Key Management Co. property or in the courtyard or open areas. The definition of an event is any gathering of people at the property which exceeds the number of people sleeping at the property as stated in the Confirmation Letter. Occupancy and use of the home, suite(s), courtyard, and common area of the property by Guest, or other visiting invitees of Guest, shall not be such as to disturb or offend neighbors, nearby residents or other Guests of the property.

Loud stereos, TVs, or parties will result in immediate eviction with no refund. If the noise disturbs other guests on the property, guest is subject to financial penalties. South Key Management Co. reserves the right to terminate this Rental Agreement. South Key Management Co. reserves the right to ask disruptive guests to vacate the premises in the event of complaints or at the discretion of the owner and manager with no refund of rental fee.

Cancellation Policy:

Any of the below cancellations will also result in a $50 processing fee.

365 to 61 Days Prior to arrival date: 100% refund (minus $50 processing fee).
60 to 31 Days Prior to arrival date: 50% refund, unless we are able to rent the property out for the full rental rate that you have paid. In this case we will issue you another 25%.30 to 0 Days Prior to arrival date: Will result in entire loss of rent unless the below occurs:75% refund if property is re-booked for the total for your canceled dates. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, I am stating I have read and agree to the above as well as the Cancellation Policy, and understand that I may lose my entire rent if I need to cancel for any reason. I agree to have my bank account debited at the amounts listed on the below e-checks at the appropriate times indicated on each check.