Thriving in a WFH Executive Rental in Savannah

By guest blogger “jojo” of @jojowandersofficial on Instagram

During a recent encounter with one of our newest clients, we  came across our guest blogger, “jojo” of @jojowandersofficial on Instagram. Like South Key, we discovered she lives for finding the small hidden gems within local communities, enjoys wandering roads less travelled, and if you already follow her, and we hope you do, her approach is very conversational with a touch of humor which comes through in everything she writes. Here’s her take on her “work from home on the road” visit to our beloved Savannah and yours truly. We hope you love it as much as we did!

It’s no secret that typical work schedules and work weeks look a tad different these days. From Zoom rooms, to at home workspaces, and even daily 9 to 5 grinds, all have evolved over the last year for so many - including myself. I spend more time attached to my faux croc-white-leather covered Apple than I do to anything else. Yet, my silver lining in all this shared “pandemic-filled ways of working” is the fact that me and my MAC can pound out productivity from anywhere! My newly found freedom of diverse environments is…well…freeing. I can work from most anywhere. From the great smoky mountains, to the lobsta’ filled shores of Maine, or even on the road in a vintage silver sleek Airstream, have all been backdrops to my wiry haired executive life. So, when I had the chance at a much-needed change of scenery in one of the cool eclectic neighborhoods of Savannah, GA…I was ready to jump on it!

As you can imagine, not just any place can fill the tall order my workday presents…high, high, high speed internet (you get the picture on this one!), uncluttered inspire-me workspaces (indoors and out), and proximity in general...all go into keeping me sane. I discovered Savannah fit the bill perfectly both professionally and personally during a visit with my longtime friend…richly cultured, artistically engaged, some good old stick-to your-ribs-local-cuisine y'all-hear about, and the most important key… its reputation for top notch southern hospitality.

Which leads me to what I learned about Savannah’s premier, luxe management and concierge team of South Key Management… you need them in your life! Talk about peace of mind. I observed a super-sized example of personalized service between my very particular friend (it was her long-term rental) and South Key’s founder and business owner, Chase was a match made in heaven. His approach was organic and personalized – never scripted. It appeared to me that “no” was not in his vocabulary. Not that he was a “yes-man” by any means…it was more about his willingness to work through some of my friend’s requests no matter how unusual…and it impressed her and me! On numerous occasions during my lengthy stay with her, she openly complemented on his and his well-equipped staff’s attention to details and proactivity…catching things even she missed which…well let’s just say was… impressive! All the while delivering a slice of always friendly southern charm you would expect while staying in Savannah.  

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I highly suggest, while the opportunity to work from the road still exists, that you grab the chance to add some variety to your day-in-and-out…travel a touch. In doing so, here are a few tips I recommend to get ya’ up and running– some tried-and-true and some recently learned:

• Plan for 4 weeks or more – there’s more value the longer you stay

• Create your wish list – what are your specific work-from-the-road needs? High, high speed internet? Outdoor workspace?

• Do some research – How do you want to fill your days? Just all work or some much needed play?

• Lean on the experts – When all else fails, chat with someone like Chase!  He’ll think of things that may have escaped you.

• What are your health and safety must-haves?

• Plans changed? Need to stay longer? – Communicate when your schedule changes. You’d be surprised how your needs can be met…my friend’s did and everything worked out just fine.

If you still need a dollop of convincing around soliciting the guidance and eagle eyes of an expert like Chase, let  me share more.

My friend’s stay in Savannah was winding down and in between my day job workload and my nighttime blogging, I was helping her put the finishing touches on Bungalow on 50th. See she hadn’t expected to start leasing her cozy, executive southern charmer quite just yet. But one night as we firmly closed our laptops and poured a wee touch of some much-needed Bourbon, Chase from South Key, reached out…one of his new I-can’t-do-this-without-you clients, was interested in the not-quite-ready-for-ya’ll bungalow. “What? No? Already?” my friend was ecstatic; South Key had brought a long-term renter to the table faster than any high speed internet I could ever want. But that would mean we would have to forego our 5 o’clock cocktail for a bit and tackle our get-her-done list – pronto!

Over the course of the next three days, I witnessed many interactions between the two of them as they teamed up to  ensure both parties were ready. Have you ever experienced a  creative hurricane? It’s when everything looks…well like a  hurricane came through and then suddenly, like magic, everything  falls into place. South Key’s well-oiled, swift, and efficient team  came through and just like magic (It is Savannah you know!)  everything was in its I’m-ready-for-my-close-up place…so we  thought. The final walk through between the two of them was a  defining moment. Remember how I noted earlier that my friend  had quite the eye for details? Well…Chase does too and one upped her! As they rounded the corner of my favorite work area,  Chase pointed and said, “We need to fix this.” My friend whipped  her head around, shook her approving finger at me, and said,  “And, that’s why I hired him!” I have no doubt, – South Key is  absolutely “The Key to Your Southern Comfort”.

Our new norms can be frustrating to say the least. But if you have  the “open road” to work from some unfamiliars, I am quite sure  you will be so glad you did…see what happens when me, my  friend, and South Key walk into a bungalow? #WFHSavannahStyle!

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