Discover the Most Haunted City in North America's Secrets

“I ain’t scared of no ghosts!” Ha! To all the ghostbusters out there looking to witness what all the fuss is about, be careful what you wish for. Seriously.

If you’ve ever wandered around the city squares in downtown Savannah, you’ve probably admired all the charm and beauty of this spectacular city. Unfortunately, this gorgeous city also comes along with a lot of tragic historical baggage. Hence, you've probably noticed the many ghost tours happening around you. The tour guides are happy to show groups of people to the famously haunted historic sites for contextual insight and to share legendary stories on why the spirits have been known to dwell to this day.

But if you're seeking more answers from the other side, we know where you can turn to. The Witching Hour Paranormal Ghost Tour, is THE scariest and most interactive ghost tour experience in Savannah.

For starters, this tour is led by a local clairvoyant, or according to the Wikipedia definition - “a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact”. Brigid's clairvoyance as well as her trained team of tour guides are trained and ready to show you how to ghost hunt. Their investigation equipment includes a combination of methods and tools such as Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Energy Readers and a yes, even a Spirit Box. Consider them the ghost hunters of Savannah.

Understanding that diving deeper into the spirit realm can be nerve racking for some of you, you are free to BYOB before the tour starts to put you at ease.

Some of the featured stops where hauntings are known to happen include: 

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The Wright Square. This is a well known hotspot where you will likely be able to communicate with the first woman to be executed in Georgia, Alice Riley. 

Next, is the Colonial Cemetery. This cemetery is where the team will try to contact the famous little “ghost boy” in the cemetery. This ghost boy has identified himself as “Andrew”. They have also been able to summon Rene Rondolier, the infamous spirit of a “giant” (measuring about 7 feet) known to have terrorized the city back in the 1700s. Some people in the community believed that Rene was a demon. Let’s just leave it at that.

Another popular location for activity is the 17Hundred90 Inn. This bed and breakfast is well known for the tragic death of Anna Powell, a spirit who haunts the Inn and has been known to mess with travelers who willingly choose to stay in her room (Rm. 204) for a paranormal experience. She’s often known to snoop around and misplace guest belongings which is enough to send you on your way out, or back for more (see ka112161983's testimony below).

If you came unprepared for the paranormal action and start to feel uneasy, don’t worry. There’s a final opportunity to get some booze during the tour before the real boos.

The guide will take your group into the Tavern for a sip at this very location, to get you in the right spirit before continuing on to our final two destinations, Reynolds Square and Johnson Square. 

Why this ghost tour is different.

Unlike typical ghost tours in Savannah where you visit haunted locations to hear guides tell you about the ghost stories, this touring experience is all about tapping into the spirit world and letting the ghost speak to you. The team is experienced in interpreting the ghosts they frequent and let the spirits speak for themselves. If you're lucky, they might even show themselves to you! 

Safety is extremely important to all the tour guides so if you fear you won’t be able to handle it, fair enough. This is not for the faint of heart. However, if you’re a scary-movie-loving, thrill-seeking daredevil open for anything spooky, look no further. "Paranormal is our normal" according to The Witching Hour Paranormal Ghost Tour.

Book a paranormal investigation tour with the experts for a high probability of witnessing the kind of ghostly activity that will keep you up at night.  For more a sneak peak on some of the action captured during this tour, check out their Facebook Page: 

To book a tour with The Witching Hour, please call Chris at 559-285-0447 and be sure to mention that South Key sent you!

Happy Spooky Season!

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