5 Reasons Savannah is a Great Choice for Thanksgiving

COVID fatigue is real. 

If you’re still on the fence about your Thanksgiving plans, join the club. Like many, planning in the era of the “new normal” comes down to each individual’s circumstantial reality. Preparing for future events far in advance is a grueling task when you don’t know what to expect. 

Hopefully we can offer some assistance as you make your decision by digesting 5 reasons why Savannah is still a good option for those planning to escape reality with your quaran-team this Thanksgiving.

  1. It’s Quaint. Savannah is the quintessential definition of “a quaint town”. If you’re looking to get away from the noisy city or a hometown that gets you depressed, Savannah will be sure to cheer you up. Every corner downtown has some level of historical significance which you will want to explore with your loved ones. From historic squares surrounded by old mansions to recently constructed sites by the Savannah river, you'll be delighted to see how the architecture honors the port city that was, and still is used today. 
  2. It’s COVID-Safety is Prioritized. Adjusting to a COVID Thanksgiving is not what anyone planned for. But if you are determined to make a holiday getaway happen, the most important piece of advice is to abide by local precautionary health measures. As of Nov 16, Governor Brian Kemp has extended an executive order to ensure the mask mandate is followed by all visitors and local residents through the month of November. With travelers to be expected, local residents take these restrictions very seriously to minimize the spread of COVID-19. If you are questioning whether or not you’d feel safe eating out, we want you to know in advance that most of the restaurants do enforce this mask-wearing requirement. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask, there is an alternative! Savannah’s food scene has adapted, offering delivery or curb-side pick up that will be sure to satisfy. Ordering in has been a lifeline for many local businesses here so we hope you feel inclined to show your support by ordering take-out should you desire to. 
  3. It’s Affordable. Savannah is also an economically beneficial option for those looking to keep expenses on budget for the holiday season. Our restaurant businesses offer a wide variety of food options at a fraction of the price without compromising on taste. It’s an underrated food scene that we are thrilled for you to discover. And if you’d like a local foodie’s recommendation, feel free to check out our personal favorites here. If you’re interested in getting some holiday gift shopping done while you’re visiting, Broughton street has tons of retail options to find a unique gift for your loved ones. Not to mention, shopping locally is something that always goes a long way! Take advantage of all the Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals Savannah has to offer.
  4. It’s the Perfect Backdrop for Your Holiday Cards. If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your photo Holiday Cards, we are certain you will find the best props everywhere you look. For guests driving into Savannah, the picturesque scenery becomes apparent the moment you cross the Talmadge Bridge. Limbs of large aging oak trees dressed in Spanish moss hug each other from across the street welcoming visitors with open arms. The further into town you get, you’ll be convinced that there’s no place like Savannah. Christmas decorations will likely be in full display downtown so if that isn’t enough reason to take a perfect family photo op for holiday cards, we don’t know what is!
  5. It Can Become A New Family Tradition - Whether you and your family prefer to stay in or go out, we are sure you will enjoy your visit in Savannah this Thanksgiving. There are tons of activities to do in this beautiful town that will appeal to all ages. If you have folks looking to keep it traditional, we recommend checking out a Historic museum like the Davenport House Museum to learn a little more about the first settlers in Savannah, or antique shops for a look into the past southern lifestyle. Traveling with toddlers? You'll be happy to know there are plenty of parks for them to run around and get tired, and horse carriages that are sure to keep them entertained while you sightsee. If you have a teen with you, Savannah has ghost tours available as well as delicious candy shops with fresh taffy, popcorn, ice cream and more. And if you’re still not sold, let’s remember that 2020 presents a compelling opportunity to get your family to embrace the new normal with new family traditions (*wink wink*).

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Whether you’re wondering if it is safe, you’re tired of staying quarantined, or you think it’s too late to find anything available or affordable for Thanksgiving weekend, at least now you’ll know a little more about what you can expect.

Staying put after doing so for the past 8 months can be quite the challenge to accept. And, there will always be a potential risk whether you are traveling or not. So, if you’re analyzing whether planning a safe family staycation is still a viable option, we’re here to help you feel comfortable booking your stay with us. South Key’s Team follows strict CDC guidelines, which you can read all about here. Hope find a little peace of mind after going through this list together.

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