What to Pack for Savannah, Georgia: 5 Must-Have Items for Your Next Trip

Settling into vacation mode when you arrive at your destination is always easy, but the weeks leading up to it can be a bit stressful. As you figure out what you need to accomplish before you leave, we’ve shortlisted five essential things you need to bring with you on your next trip to Savannah. 

Here are five things South Key Management recommends you add to your packing list to Savannah.

1 – Comfortable walking shoes

One of the best parts about Savannah is its pedestrian-friendly walkability. 

While you can certainly choose not to walk to your destination and choose to opt for uber/lyft drivers, trolley tour buses, or horse-drawn carriages at-will, most people choose to travel by foot. Walking around the city really gives visitors a feel for the city’s organized historical blueprint. Once you start walking short distances at a time, you’ll finder it easier to navigate the grid plan on downtown streets whether it is to see the shops on Broughton, walk along the famous river street, or visit City Market. 

NOTE: Finding a place to park downtown can be challenging on busier days/times so planning to get dropped off and walk is recommended if you’re with a group looking for an undefined place to meet. 

Comfy shoes are also a must when walking on the cobblestone streets on River Street. We would hate to have anyone twist their ankles on historic steps!

Needless to say, walking tours are only doable with comfy shoes. This is probably the only reason why you can expect to see large groups walking around at night looking very comfortable during a spooky ghost tour. 

With all the walking potential in the beautiful walkable city of Savannah, we highly recommend bringing supportive, comfortable walking shoes. 

2 – A few photo-worthy outfits

Savannah is the most picturesque scene for all its visitors. If you’re looking for a picture-frame backdrop, Forsyth Park has gorgeous live oak trees, the famous Forsyth Park Fountain, and azaleas to complement pictures of yourself or with your family and friends. Think of this photoshoot as a free memento. You can of course contact some local photographers before you come to setup a shoot. Make sure you have nice, coordinating outfits if you want to take advantage of the beauty within Forsyth Park! 

Savannah photographers we recommend you check out:

Pros of packing a dressier outfit – now you have something you can wear out in style for a night out exploring the best food and bars downtown! 

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3 – A light jacket

Even though it is getting warmer this time of year, there are still some nights when the temperature can drop to a chilly breeze. You certainly don’t need to bring your winter jacket but come armed with a jean jacket or light windbreaker for those nights you might want to be outside. It will come in handy if you are grabbing dinner or drinks outside along the river or taking a nighttime ghost tour which occurs outside. 

Transition to warmer temperatures may also bring some unprecedented rain showers. The good news is that Savannah rainfall doesn’t last long. As your concierge, we think it’s still worth noting the unpredictable spring weather these days. 

4 – A bathing suit

While Savannah is not right on the beach, Tybee Island beaches are located within a 20-mile radius. This certainly makes it easy for a fun day trip to the beach! Packing a bathing suit opens the possibilities for activities on the beach, on kayaks, on the marina, etc. If you’re looking to satisfy your beach cravings for a day, you can also grab a bite to eat a walking distance from the beach and even enjoy drinks with a beachside view. In short, if you plan on visiting Tybee Island or going in the water, make sure everyone in your group has their bathing suit! 

Restaurants we love and recommend you check out:

5- Something to protect your face and skin

When you come to Savannah in the warmer months, you will most likely be spending more time outdoors: walking around downtown, visiting Forsyth Park, going on a riverboat cruise, spending the day at Tybee Island. Spending increased time outside means you will need something to provide some protection from the sun and perhaps some insect repellent to keep sand gnats and mosquitos at bay when you’re by the water. It is typical to see men and women walking around in ball caps, sun hats, and sunglasses when venturing downtown. 

We hope this list gives you one less thing to think about when planning your next vacation to Savannah! 

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