6 Delicious Sustainable Food Options When You Travel to Downtown Savannah

Sustainability. It’s a word we hear thrown around a lot but essentially it comes down to consuming responsibly to stop the exploitation of limited resources. This is as we know, a lot easier said than done. But nevertheless, it is possible, even if it seems daunting at first. We must never forget that every little bit counts! No one should feel the need to judge your less eco-friendly circumstances when you’re on the road to paving the way to a more sustainable future for all. 

Of course, if you are reading this, we can imagine you are already mindful of the environment and are eager to do your part to consume responsibly when you travel. Fantastic! Let's keep this momentum going by expanding on how you can achieve this during your next visit to beautiful Savannah, GA. 

Below is a combination of some downtown eco-friendly food options we'd like to highlight as we point you in the right direction:

  1. Fox & Fig - Downtown (Historic District)

We highly recommend you make it your personal mission to add this ridiculously delicious plant-based cafe as a must try on your list of downtown restaurants. This gem is a personal favorite of ours and is a godsend for those who are avoiding that dreadfully awkward silence to the daring “is this vegan?” question when you’re out and about with your pals. The menu is 100% vegan but they’ll never know by the taste of it because it is THAT good. Pro-tip: Make sure you double your order of Cashew cheese Garlic Bread. You can thank us later.  

  1. Kayak Cafe - Downtown (Historic District)

Kayak is a great quick food option if you’re on the go or if you are looking for health conscious meals, or a not-so-obvious brunch special ($15 for All-Day Mimosas - HELLO!). They have multiple locations but the Broughton Street spot is most likely the one you’ll come across if you’re walking downtown. Their menu is a combination of vegan-friendly, veggie friendly and meat-lover friendly so there’s something for everyone. We recommend their tofu burritos with all the topics of your choice, but here’s a sneak peek into the menu.

  1. The Sentient Bean - Downtown (Victorian District)

The moment you step inside you will get a clear sense of what Savannah lifestyle is all about. Walkable, wheelchair-accessible, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly and health conscious without compromising taste. Sentient Bean is the perfect spot to order that green smoothie full of the antioxidants you need to fuel your body after a good post park run with your doggo. Trust me, we’ve done it and it is worth the run after those endorphins kick in. They also have vegetarian options to choose from in case you fancy an egg burrito or that classic breakfast sandwich with cheese. 

  1. Brighter Day Natural Foods Market - Downtown (Victorian District)

Located right next to Sentient Bean, also across the street from Forsyth Park, is the grocery store you dream of when you are looking for locally sourced, eco-friendly, organic alternatives. Walkable distance to many of our rentals, you can grab and go essentials as you wish. They also carry great “pharmacy” alternatives in case you are in need after a rough night of partying downtown. I mean it doesn’t get more natural than this. If you’re interested in finding alternative medicine, or all-natural anything, definitely stop in and buy. As they say there is “POWER IN THE PURCHASE”.  

  1. Forsyth Farmers’ Market - Downtown (Victorian District)

This is for those who happen to be in Savannah on a Saturday morning (rain or shine) from 9 am -1 pm to be exact. The Forsyth Farmers’ market is everything we dream about when we picture living in a walkable city where you get to know the local farmers and befriend them to support their seasonal harvest and learn more about the food systems in the region. As they say in their website: 

The FFM vision is founded on “a local food system good for the health of all people and the environment." 

* As a matter of fact this Sunday, April 25th from 4-6 pm, FFM will be hosting its Farm Picnic Celebration in commemoration of Picnic Day. Follow their latest updates on their Instagram page (@forsythfarmersmarket) #FarmPicnic2021

  1. Common Thread - Downtown (Thomas Square District)

Located just on the corner of 37th and Abercorn is another must-try for those looking for an unforgettable vegetarian menu. Common Thread is one of the best if not the best we’ve tried in a while. With less than a year under its belt this neighborhood gem is making a name for itself. Below is a picture of their mouth-watering leeks. Yes, leeks. Never thought I’d like leeks as much as I do now, but all thanks to their ingenious use of seasonal ingredients, I will be going back for seconds. As their description says “Common Thread is an ingredient and seasonally inspired restaurant concept, from the FARM Bluffton”. Locally sourced radius is still a noteworthy plus!

Do yourself a favor and visit this place next time you plan a date night with your significant other. Their dining room seating is intimate yet COVID-conscious with all safety precautions firmly in place.

Eco-Conscious is the New Normal 

In the era of single-use masks, disposable wipes, single-use plastic, and doorstep delivery, we must do what we can to keep in mind how our purchases as consumers can create a less negative impact on the environment around us. This includes the effects on local community resources. 

One practical way to get thinking about this is by asking 3 important questions -  1)“Is it necessary?”, 2) “Is it local?”,3) “is it seasonal?” in that order. Believe it or not, this short exercise can help us all start to find a balance between safety, convenience and sustainability. 

While the reality is that much of these daily decisions are circumstantial, we believe thinking about the long-lasting effects of our everyday choices, (i.e. our food choices), is the first step towards making a small commitment for better days tomorrow. Even in the midst of a pandemic.

That said, we hope to see you in Savannah soon and whenever you visit, we hope you feel compelled to try these delicious eco-conscious restaurant businesses beyond Earth Day. We promise you’ll feel good about eating good.